Part of the Plan

Hey Everybody!

This week we have been super busy everyday, which amazing! Unfortunately, that made this week go by super fast. So many amazing miracles are happening all around us, its incredible! Where to start…

On Wednesday we had to go to another area for District Council, so we decided to try and contact a lady that we’ve never met since she lives on the edge of our area and was on the way to our meeting. We weren’t so optimistic going in, since it was fairly early and it didn’t seem like anyone was home. Nevertheless, we knocked and met Juanita, a super nice lady who has an incredible relationship with her Savior. It ended up being a fantastic visit and she wants us to keep coming by so we can continue to discuss the gospel! What a way to start off the day!

Our little town of Morganton held a huge Festival this weekend and there were SO many people there! It was great because we got to meet so many amazing people, and eat lots of great food! haha.

I got to experience the Gift of Tongues in action this weekend too! We had a lesson with our Deaf friend James, but our friends in Salt Lake that usually help us by interpreting for our lessons weren’t able to join in this time. We had to do it alone, and my companion can’t sign. The lesson still went surprisingly well, even though it was my first time signing for an entire lesson, and it was also the first time that I was able to understand everything James said without the need for an interpreter! It was incredible!

This week it became increasingly clear to me just how important it is that Christ came, and how vital it is to God’s great plan. I’ve been studying out Christ’s life and started making a list of every miracle I notice. I’m only a few chapters in, but I’ve already written down so many miracles! Truly, God worked hard to ensure that Christ could fulfill his mission was necessary for us to be able to return to live with God again. Isnt the Gospel incredible?

I love y’all and hope that you may be able to witness the miracles God performs in your own life everyday!

Until next week,
Elder Klingler

1. My companion and I riding with a member in his topless Jeep!
2. A really blurry picture of the festival we had this weekend.