High On The Mountain Top

Hey Everyone!

This week has been a little busier than usual, which is a good thing in hindsight. It’s been pretty stressful, but the spirit has been with us to help!

The highlight of this week was that on Thursday we got the opportunity to go for Interviews with our Mission President which was a really great time! President Adler is pretty unconventional and it can be really great at times! I went to sit down in the room that he was using for interviews when he asked me if I wanted to do it inside, or go for a walk, which was new so I chose to go for the walk. We both left our jackets in the room and had our interview while walking around the outside of the church building which was really different, but I liked it! I love getting to have interviews with my Mission President because it’s my time to ask him anything I want, and he always has the best answers! Getting home from the interview was eventful, but we did indeed get home.

The next day we went up a large mountain to visit a referral we got. She lived about half way up, so we decided to go up to the top to check it out and every little road that went off the main road to the good overlooks had large gates closing them off. All except one. This one little road was nothing but dirt, and had no markings except for a little sign with a vague name and a picture of a horse. We drove up this road hoping to find an overlook to see the view and came upon a few little cabins. No one was there except this older gentleman and we started talking to him and found out all kinds of neat stuff, including how he actually grew up in our church! The land ended up being his so he showed us around a little and even let us take some brief pictures of the view. What a miracle!

This week I learned a lot about the power of prayer. I promise that if you need help, God will help you if you ask him to.

Love y’all!
Elder Klingler

1. Southern Graffiti
2. The humble road up the mountain
3. The view from our friend’s cabin
4. A slightly better picture from the mountain top