This Is Gonna Be Good…

Hey Everyone!

This week has been grand! We had a last minute exchange early last week with the Zone Leaders and so I got to be with Elder Rives for the day which was a blast because he used to serve here in this area. I learned a lot on that exchange.

We also had tranfers this week, but I stayed here in Morganton, which is good because I dont want to leave any time soon! My companion, Elder Hyer, got transferred down to Chester, SC which is were I started my mission over year ago, and I am super excited for him! I would love to go back down there! My new companion is Elder Debenham, who served near me back at Christmas time last year, so its fun being back together. We have had a lot of fun these last days together, since we are actually super similar! This is going to be a really great tranfer!

Sorry if the name of this email was misguiding, but I was referring to this tranfer ahead of me, not to the content of this email, haha.

This weekend a family that joined the church a little over a year ago were able to go to the temple, and while we werent able to go a bunch of missionaries that taught them a year ago came back in town for the weekend and so we got to see them and play basketball with them this morning before they headed out of town, which was really fun!

At church we had a really great talk given by a young woman that is heading out on her mission this week. She focussed on how to properly make the hard choices in life, especially when the choice is between good, and good. Sometimes we see multiple paths in front of us, and either one seems like a good choice and you’re left to wonder which choice you are meant to take. She recommended (from her own experience) that most of the time you simply need to start down one of the paths, and if God doesnt want you to be on that path, then he will allow obstacles to get in your way that will push you back to the path you should be on. I too can testify to that. I expecienced something similar when I was debating whether to go on my mission or go to school; where even though I thought that I should try the school route, I quickly hit opposition that pushed me onto another route leaving me headed for the mission. While trials and opposition can be meant to strengthen us and test us, sometimes it simply means that you are on the wrong path, and you can pray for help and guidance to get back on the right path. I know that I am on the right path for me right now, and I will continue to try and help others get on the right path as well.

I hope yall have an amazing week!

Until Next Time,
Elder Klingler

1. Saying Goodbye to my last companion
2. My new companion Elder Debenham
3. Doing some more service in the burned out house
4. A member showed us his car collection and it’s a small collection, but I was blown away nonetheless!