No Matter How Busy!

Hey Everybody!

This week has been really difficult. We have had some pretty wild days full of hard work and service, along with some really unexpected events that have caused us to have to replan our day a few times.

Last Tuesday was a long day full of hard work that ended up leaving us empty handed. It was pretty discouraging, but on Wednesday we got have District Meeting which was great! There are only 4 of us now, since once of the companionships that used to be near us got pulled out. It was still a good meeting though and we were able to discuss and share ideas on Charity, which reminded me once again why it’s my favorite topic! Charity and Love are such important pieces of life in general, but especially in missionary work.

On Friday we had a great day planned out, which began with doing some service helping some people clear out a burned out house and it was a ton of fun, even after my foot broke through the floor, haha. After service, we were supposed to go home to get cleaned up and go visit people, but instead we got roped in to helping the other missionaries clear out their apartment so they could be treated for Bed Bugs, and that took up most of our day. In the evening we went to a big local event that was a car meet mixed with a little festival because it was the anniversary of this little town being settled, but it started pouring rain while we were out there, haha.

On Saturday we went to teach our recent convert, a deaf man named James. I can do a little bit of signing and can get some stuff across, but for the actual teaching we usually have some Sisters from the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission that video chat in with us and they interpret for us most of the time. It’s incredible to realize how far the church is willing to go to ensure that all people have access to the Gospel!

On Sunday we had a great time at church. Our Bishop gave an incredible talk about Repentance in which he read an excerpt from a talk by Richard G. Scott in which he reminds us that a major road block that prevents us from achieving Peace of Mind, is that we first much achieve Peace of Concience. That is only achievable through Repentance and forgiveness, which is one of the greatest gifts our father has ever given us! Remember, you don’t need to be at church to repent, we should be repenting every day, even every hour in necessary, no matter how busy you are!

This week is transfer week and we found out that I am staying here in Morganton for at east another 6 weeks! I couldn’t be happier, the people here are so great! My current companion, Elder Hyer, is headed down to my first area in Chester, South Carolina and I am so jealous of him!

I hope yall have an incredible week!

Until Next Week,
Elder Klingler

1. A member challenged our ability to make good banana bread so we decided to have a cook-off to settle the debate
2. Inside the burned out house
3. In the rain at the car meet / festival
4. Our lesson with James
5. We found this nice little alleyway for photos