The Power Of Testifying

Hey Everybody!

This week has been pretty wild. The first half of the week consisted of some really unexpected situations that I never thought I would experience on the mission, all of which branched from us having to to stop teaching one of our people and him not taking it too lightly. It’s all good now though.

The latter half of the week was the part I wanted to focus on today. On Friday we went and visited some people that we don’t usually get to visit with because they live on top of this little mountain in our area. The drive was so beautiful on the way up! We got to visit with a few people up there, but one in particular told us that they were busy, but pointed us to their neighbor down the road. This might act as a cliff hanger, but I will share more on that next week.

On Saturday we got to have a lesson with one of our recent converts and we shared with him about the importance of coming to church. It was a really great lesson, and I got to share with him a story from my life, about one time when I was in high school, and I just didn’t want to go to church. I woke up on Sunday and told my mom that I didn’t feel like going this week. She turned to me and said “if you don’t want to go that’s fine, but if you change your mind you better do it quick because your father and I will be leaving in 20 minutes”. I went back up to my room and tried to sleep but something just didn’t feel right. I now attribute that to the spirit. Realizing that sleep wasn’t going to happen I hurriedly got ready and raced to the car before my parents left. Later, I came home from church with a smile on my face and no regrets of choosing to go. I haven’t missed a day of church since. I know that was the spirit that told me to go. When I shared that story with this recent convert I felt the spirit really strong, as you often will when you bear testimony of truth.

On Sunday, at church, we got to teach some of the lesson during 3rd hour because it was the 5th Sunday. It was really neat to get to talk to everyone about how they can be more effective missionaries in their everyday life. Overall we decided upon the top 3 tools available to all of us when spreading the gospel. They are, first, letting your light shine; which means that you do your best to live and love as the Savior did and teach by example. Second, use gospel words; the vocabulary we have because of our experience with the gospel is a unique set of words that sound foreign to most other people, and the best opportunity for us to use them is when people ask us what we did over the weekend because it opens the door for us to talk about church since it should always be the highlight of our week anyway, right? And Third, Preach My Gospel; it really isn’t just a tool for active full-time missionaries, the book contains all kinds of great insights and messages that seem to be aimed directly towards the members of the church! It was a fun lesson.

Sorry I didn’t write last week, it was a pretty wild day. I am going to say that this email is so long to make up for missing last week, since that sounds like a convincing reason haha. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Until next week,
Elder Klingler

1. We visited a member who’s home has an incredible view and they let us take pictures before we left
2. Also from that house
3. Also also from that house
4. We saw these little guys outside our apartment
5. We also found this wooden america-bear