Broken Heart & Contrite Spirit

Hey Everyone!

This week we have been super busy, and I am exhausted; but I’m also really excited to look back on it. Let us begin!

Last Monday we got to go up a little ways into the mountains and spend PDay at the ward Scout Camp and helped out for few hours. I didn’t realize how much I missed Scouts and camping. I was also really glad that I wouldn’t have to actually camp out though, haha.

On Thursday I hit my Year Mark, and it caught me off guard a little! This last year has gone by way too fast! I really don’t know how I’m already past this point. For the past year I’ve been talking about things I plan to do on my second year in the mission, and now it’s suddenly time to get started on those things! Before anyone asks, No, this past year did not go anything like what I expected it to, but I also wouldn’t want to change a thing!

On Friday we had a lesson with a man that we have been working with for some time now. He has a tendency to be over energetic and easily distracted and likes to go into deep doctrines, but during this lesson he was much quieter and more thoughtful in the things he said. He wanted us to read Alma 34:31-35 and as he was reading he just broke down and started crying. He explained to us that lately his heart has felt super heavy and he’s has to rely a lot on God to get through the day. Our member explained to him that that is what a broken heart and a contrite spirit feels, and that he is now ready for baptism. That was definitely my first time seeing the spirit move someone so powerfully, but it also a really neat thing to be able to witness. The Spirit is real, and it’s job is to testify of truth; that I know. I also know that rarely have I ever felt the spirit stronger than in that moment. I love being a part of this work!

On Sunday we had an amazing talk by a young woman in the ward, and I’m going to ask you something that she asked us. If you were asked to write a description of yourself, would you focus on the good or the bad? More importantly, what would God want you to focus on?

I hope you all have an incredible week ahead!

Until next week,
Elder Klingler

1. Up at scout camp!
2. A member asked for help with their yard, so I came prepared (hat)!
3. I wanted brownies, but we didn’t have brownie mix so I used Peanut Butter Cookie mix and followed the brownie recipe. They turned out great!
4. This week’s First Year Flash Back picture: us at the Temple while in the MTC… A year ago!