Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty fun! We went to the ward pancake breakfast on Wednesday which was a lot of fun! They were ready with enough food for about twice the number of people we had, so they gave us all of the extra pancakes… We can barely close our fridge now! haha

On Friday we were having a rough day. Our appointments canceled and we didn’t really know what to do, so we decided to go into downtown Morganton and walk around. We came across this new ice cream place and since it was lunch time we decided to try it out! It was sooo good! As we were heading back to our car we crossed paths with one of the best members and her friend walking down the sidewalk. She told us that her friend was have a really hard time lately and that she was hoping to see us out here! So they invited us to join them to get some food, and ended up following them back into that same ice cream shop and they insisted we get something. We had a lot of ice cream that day; but it was such a miracle that we were in that place at that time because we were able to be there for our member and help her friend. It was a really good time.

This Sunday I got to do the ASL signing for the Sacrament prayers, which was terrifying. We only had one interpreter come to church too, so I had to do the interpreting during Priesthood which was pretty rough, but it’s making me learn a lot! The deaf members were telling me that I’ve improved A LOT since I first got here, which I’m pretty excited about!

In church we had a few stellar talks, but one in particular really stood out. A young mother in our ward gave a talk about the similarities between our relationship with our earthly parents, and how similar it is to the relationship with our Heavenly Father. She was talking about the trust that is required between a father and child and she said that if we no reason to doubt the actions of our Father in Heaven because “He sees the big picture; He drew the picture.” I don’t know why I love that so much, it’s just so simple and so true. I hope yall have an incredible week, and trust that Heavenly Father is in control.

Love y’all!

Elder Klingler

1. Some of that awesome ice cream I mentioned!
2. Beautiful time of year out here in North Carolina. I never cease to find awesome scenery everywhere I go!
3. Our new mission president decided to do a selfie at his meet and greet with all of us. He’s a great guy.
4. This Thursday is my year mark. I cannot believe that this was taken a year ago!!!