Service, Exchanges, and more Service!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I missed last week, we had a big Zone Activity at a park in Gastonia last Monday that took most of the day. We had big picnic under a pavillion during a huge downpour of rain, and when everyone was done eating we all ran down to the soccer field and played kickball and soccer out in the rain and it was tons of fun! We all got soaked, but it was a blast.

Here in Mooresville, we have had so many opportunities to do service lately. Every Tuesday and Friday we go and help out at the Habitat for Humanity which is really fun and we are pretty close now with some of the other volunteers. The most tiring thing though was on Saturday when we helped a family move house; we started packing their truck at 9AM and finally finished unloading it at about 1:30PM. We were all exhausted so we went and got lunch before getting dropped of at our apartment. Before going into our apartment we looked around and noticed that our neighbor was moving in, so we both looked at each other in exhaustion, and went over to help out. Good thing we did too, because they’re some really cool people.

We also had the opportunity last week to go on an exchange with the Zone Leaders so we got to spend the day with Elder Withers, who also went through the MTC with my companion and I! It was almost like a little MTC reunion haha. We had a ton of fun, the three of us, and we went all over to visit people. We were driving down one particular country road when out of nowhere we drive past the GoPro Go Cart track so naturally we stopped really quick to look around and got a picture or two. Then, this last week, we went on an exchange with the Lake Norman Elders, so I got to spend the day in Lake Norman with Elder Bollschweiler which was a ton of fun. He’s a total cowboy.

So far I’m really enjoying my time here in Mooresville, and the people here are amazing. We’ve made a lot of friends here and I am so excited to see what will happen here over the next few months.

This last Sunday I had the opportunity to give a talk on the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit, and it went really well. While I was studying for the talk I came across a really neat quote from a talk called “The Candle of the Lord” in which we are reminded that “The Spirit does not get our attention by shouting or shaking us with a heavy hand. Rather, it whispers. It caresses so gently that if we are preoccupied we may not feel it at all”. I love that quote because of how simply it teaches the truths of the Gospel. When we are seeking Devine help or inspiration, we must be in a place where we will be able to hear and understand the spirit when it speaks to us. There are many voices in this world that compete for our attention and they can easily drown out spiritual impressions if we are not careful.

Until Next Week!
Elder Klingler

1. Elder Roos and I at the GoPro place
2. We were biking all day but at dinner they had like 5 dogs which made everything better haha. Three dogs had just jumped off my lap before the picture…
3. Only in the south does McDonald’s have Overflow Parking haha
4-5. I got a couple Birthday dinners too. The people here are so great!