Transfers and Biking, Lots of Biking

Hey Everyone,

This week was really bittersweet because I had to say goodbye to my old area and all of the amazing people I met there, but my new area is looking to be a really good few months!

My new area is in a place called Mooresville which is basically a small country town, but full of people that commute to Charlotte for work. We also only get the car every other week, but unlike my last area, we don’t have busses, so I’m going to be doing a lot of biking! My last companion Elder Berryhill and I had a lot of good times, especially since we went through the MTC together, but my new companion Elder Roos also went through the MTC with me! I think I’m going to like my time in Mooresville!

My first day in my new area was my Birthday, which I expected to be pretty rough, but it actually was really fun! I woke up to a surprise from my companion (picture attached) and a bunch of emails from yall! While we biked a lot, we stopped in at this really old ice cream shop for a break which was delicious! Then in the evening these super awesome members took us out to eat for dinner! It was a good day.

On Sunday I received a warm welcome by the ward here and we taught part of the lesson in Primary! When we got home it started pouring down rain, and the wind really picked up! Like we were put on tornado watch and everything. We were watching from our window when the wind got really bad and started seeing huge branches drop out of the trees by our apartment, and then suddenly one of the biggest trees just snapped and took 2 other trees down with it! It was a really neat site. No one was injured nor property damaged around us. We put on some service clothes and walked around our apartment complex to see if anyone needed any help, but everyone was alright, though there were a whole lot more trees knocked down…

Sorry this got so long! Love yall!

Until next week,
Elder Klingler

1. My companions surprise
2. One of the larger fallen trees
3. The cake we made ourselves
4. The Trees Leches that the member got me when we ate out