Gladys Knight!

Hey Everyone!

This week has been full of so many exciting events! Where do I start?

On Wednesday we had our last District Meeting for the transfer, so we celebrated with lots of food and took a photo with the whole district. Since we are right in the heart of the city we get to hold our District Meetings in the same building as the Mission Office, so we got our photo in front of the Mission Sign. I will attach that photo.

Then on Friday we exchanged for a day the Spanish Elders so I got to go be a spanish missionary for a day with Elder Copitsky, which was a ton of fun. We got lunch at a really good Mexican restaurant too since the Spanish missionaries seem to know where all the good places are to eat haha!

The highlight of the week though was Saturday. There is a famous “Michael Jackson Era” singer named Gladys Knight who also happens to be a member of our church, so she came and did a few devotionals here in Charlotte with her big choir and band! We had to go to the church along with tons of other missionaries at 7AM to help them unload their huge truck full of gear and set everything up inside. We got to attend one of the devotionals and it was so much fun! She really gave some powerful testimony too along with the story of her conversion. If you haven’t heard it, I invite you to look it up! The kicker though was that they had all of the missionaries come back to the church after the last showing at about 9:30PM to take everything back down and pack it all away in their crates and then load it all back onto their big truck. Let’s just say that Saturday was a much later night than usual haha!

I love yall and hope you all were able to enjoy this last week! A quote from a recent talk given by Taylor G. Godoy has been ringing in my head, and I wanted to share it with yall. He explains that “The key to making today successful, is to be ready to sacrifice.” I love that quote and can add my own experience to that statement. The willingness to sacrifice personally for someone else in need really motivates you to be better, and motivates others to do the same. One small act of personal sacrifice can make a world of difference to someone else, and the ripple effect from that act may be bigger than we will ever know. So go out with that in mind, and look for at least one opportunity this week that you can sacrifice just a little for someone else, even if they are a complete stranger.

Until next week,
Elder Klingler

1. District Photo! Love these people!
2. Proof that we live in the Hood HAHA
3. Us unpacking and setting up all of the crates for Gladys Knight