Easter & General Conference!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not writing an email last week, I didn’t have much access to the internet last Monday. These last two weeks have been super crazy, so let me sum it up for yall.

Last week we planned, bought snacks, and fueled up for an excursion out to the far side if our area. My current area is shaped like a big hot dog and ever since I got here I haven’t been able to go out past the half-way mark because we are usually really busy, but we planned everything and spent the whole day going way out into the far reaches of our area, visiting a bunch of people along the way that we hadn’t been able to meet yet. It was a ton of fun and we got to meet a bunch of really nice people.

This week we helped our bishop load up his moving truck and sent him off to Utah. It’s funny because given the changes they announced in conference this weekend, our ward no longer has any priesthood leadership besides the young men’s president haha. This next Sunday is going to be wild!

Oh yeah, conference! This weekend we got to watch all of the sessions of conference live (even though we got home a little late after priesthood session) and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that was said! Between some really phenomenal talks and some really unexpected announcements, this was really a General Conference for the history books! I think my favorite talk would be the one by Lynn G. Robinson because my mind is still just milling over the things he taught and the spirit I felt while he taught, not to mention what a wonderful speaker he is.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and were able to spend it with friends and family alike. I love the Savior and I am so grateful for his sacrifice.

I would like to end with my favorite quote from General Conference: “Success is not the lack of mistakes, but the ability to go from mistake to mistake with enthusiasm” – Lynn G. Robinson

Until Next Week,
Elder Klingler

1. A really neat view we found on our expedition into the unknown
2. “southern culture moment” its pretty common to cops directing church traffic like this on a Sunday afternoon. Pretty rare sight out west!
3. Oh, and we made “Chicken n’ Waffles”