Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hey Everyone!

This week has been really fun! We didn’t have the car again this week so we were using the busses a lot again, which is always fun.
We had a super fun dinner with a few members that are all return missionaries and so we got to talk and swap mission stories. I probably haven’t laughed harder in my life haha
I’m not really sure what else to put on here so I guess this email will be short, but I wanted to leave y’all with a quote I heard from one of my companions.
“Life is like tennis, he who SERVES best usually wins”
Think on that.
Love y’all!
Until next week!
Elder Klingler
1. A photo of what has got to be the most Southern thing I’ve ever witnessed haha (fish fry)
2. A “Catio” for this person’s cat because it’s an inside cat
3. Oh, and it snowed (kinda) haha