Miracles, Miracles Everywhere!

Hey Everyone!

This week was amazing! We have been working like crazy since we white-washed last transfer but haven’t been able to see a lot of success, until now. We just kept on meeting amazing people left and right this week and it’s super exciting! Each one of the people we have met this week is going through their own individual trials but each of them have decided to turn to God in their time of hardship, and that’s when we come in. It has really strengthened my testimony that if you work hard and stay diligent while you are going through hard times, then God will trust you to help his children that are going through their own individual trials. I love being here in North Carolina, and I love being a missionary!

I love all of you too and hope you have a good week!

Elder Klingler
I’m sorry for the lack of pictures this week y’all, they’re still on my companions camera! But check out this picture of the biggest Ghetto Car I’ve ever seen! It’s bigger than the truck towing it!