Exchange after Exchange

Hey Everyone!

This week has been an absolute blast, but I’m also exhausted. Let me explain.

On Thursday we went to the soup kitchen to help out like usual, and then I went on an exchange where Elder Roberts and I swapped companions so I got to go up to Harrisburg with Elder Johnson for the day which was a blast because it was his birthday so we went to get donuts at this famous place called Duck Donuts, which was amazing, and I stayed the night up there. Then on Friday I went back to my apartment but that same day we went on another exchange with the Assistants To The President who live in our same complex. So I spent all of Friday with Elder Gurney which was really fun and we probably spent more time laughing than anything else, and then I slept at their apartment that night as well. By Saturday night I was longing to sleep in my own bed again haha.

We also got told all about how Gladys Knight is going to be coming to Charlotte which will be really exciting and we are going to be handling the tickets and invitations so that is going to be really neat. I remember seeing her when she came to Irvine California and my family went to that, but now I get to do the missionary side of it so that is going to be super fun.

Gordon B Hinckley once said that “a gem is polished with friction, just as a man is refined through his trials”. This quote has been ringing in my head this week and it has helped me to change my outlook on any trials that I face, looking instead for how I can use this friction to better polish myself.

I love all of you and hope that you all have an amazing week!

Elder Klingler

1. We saw this hilarious stop sign while out with Elder Gurney the other day. Every sign has a story haha
2. A member of our church gave us a ride in his convertable Mustang on the one nice day we had this week, and it was awesome!
3. It doesn’t really rain out here, it just gets really really foggy… We call it zombie weather haha