Zone Conference!

Hey Everybody!

Sorry the last few weekly updates have been going out at weird times, there was an issue with my blog but it’s all fixed now!

This week we’ve been getting fed almost every day which is a big turn around from what it used to be. On Valentine’s day, no one signed up to feed us or the other companionship of Elders in the area so we got together and had our own Valentine’s dinner haha.

This week we didn’t have the car, so we got use the busses a lot again, which I had no problem with because it’s actually pretty fun and we got to see a bunch more miracles because of it!

On Friday we got to go to Zone Conference and we combined with another zone so there were a lot of missionaries there. It’s been fun to watch and see how the dynamic changes from my first ever zone conference to now and I realized just how many of the missionaries I actually knew and it surprised me because I didn’t know anyone at all at first. Zone Conference was really good because we got to hear from our area 70, Elder MacArthur, and he talked a lot about faith and explained in really deep detail using a lot of scriptures how faith works alongside Grace; it was really some neat stuff and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even get half of it haha. Zone Conference is always such an enlightening experience.

When we first white washed this area we had absolutely nothing to go off of. Well, until we looked in the back of a closet and found an old whiteboard with tons of notes about who the missionaries were working with and everything! We looked closer and realized that it was written by an Elder who served here over a year ago! We’ve been using that board and slowly updating it as we have been reaching out to the people on it. That Elder happens to now be a zone leader in the zone next door so I got to see him at Zone Conference and I wish I could explain the look on his face when I told him that we were using his old notes, he didn’t believe me!

This week has really been the epitome of the Gordon B. Hinckley quote, “Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work”. We’ve had a long week but we’ve also been able to see so many miracles come about from our efforts and I couldn’t be more excited to tackle the week ahead!

I hope y’all had a good week and enjoyed your Valentine’s day!
Elder Klingler

Not sure if y’all already saw these photos but I’m going to attach them anyway!