I’m in Charlotte!

Hey everyone!

These last couple of weeks were really hectic and full of craziness. Last week I had to say goodbye to what has been my home for the past 6 months which was super hard because I’ve created so many memories there and met so many great people! I’m going to miss Rock Hill so much. A family that I was really close with took us out to do an Escape Room with them on the pday before transfers and that was so much fun!

I got transfered right into the heart of Queen City itself, Charlotte! It is a total change of pace going from working out in “the sticks” to being right in the center of everything! My new companion, Elder Berryhill, and I white washed into the area meaning that are both new to the area and have no idea what is happening. We are essentially on cleanup duty because the last elders to serve here weren’t the greatest and failed to record most of the stuff that they did, not to mention the condition of the apartment when we got there… ugh. It’s been a lot of hard work the past week or so but we are beginning to get the hang of things here. We also came out on the mission together and were in the same group in the MTC so we have plenty to talk about and to catch up on.

Every missionary gets stressed out at times and every missionary has their way to burn off stress and recharge. For some it’s to stop and find a spot to just sit, for others it helps to play a quick game of basketball, and for my companion it’s through photography so I suddenly have a bunch of photos of myself haha

“Treat someone as they are and they will remain as they are, but if you treat someone as they could be they will become what they should be” I forget where I heard this quote but it has really stuck with me. I hope y’all can have this in mind a you interact with others this week. I know I have seen a difference in the way I act and in the things I say when I keep this principle in mind, but most importantly I think is that I’ve seen a difference in the way that people respond or react to the things I say.

Overall, things are going well here and I’m looking forward to all of the great things that are going to happen here in Charlotte!

Until next week,
Elder Klingler