Rough Stuff

Hey Everyone!

This week has been a super long week, atleast it has been for me. A member fed my companion and I on Wednesday night and we were both home sick for most of Thursday because we had Food Poisoning. Wednesday was actually a lot of fun, because we had the whole zone together for a meeting which is always a blast. Our mission also currently has 3 Assistants to the President, but there are usually only 2. The third Assistant (or AP) is what we call “The Traveling Assistant” and he came to spend the whole day with us on Friday which was actually a lot of fun. Saturday was really hard because there was a funeral for a young man in our church that had died this week. The whole congregation is pretty rattled right now.
My companion and I continue to but heads like a couple of moose and it’s giving me a headache.
In church on Sunday a young man shared a quote that I really loved. I forget who said it originally, but it goes like this: “Our Father in Heaven often calms the storms that threaten his children, but sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms his child instead”. I just love that quote!
Love y’all,
Elder Klingler
Here are some pictures of our totally normal zone, my desk all decorated with stuff I got from people back home (thanks yall!) And a giant double layer pizza we got from a member!