Chewport’s Passing

Hey Everybody!

This past week was a little crazy and my head is still a little frazzled but I’m going to try and make this email make sense haha.

We had tranfers this week and I am still in Chester, so at the end of this transfer I will have been in Chester for about 6 months! Which is pretty long actually. I got a new companion and his name is Elder Collins. We are honestly pretty different in a lot of ways and sometimes that creates obstacles, but we are always finding ways to have fun regardless.

We have been keeping ourselves super busy (which is good) but I think we’ve been too busy because we keep on forgetting to do things because we never have time to write it down! Haha. Technology has been a huge reason for this too. We’ve been able to meet so many people that we never would have met if we didnt have technology.

I guess I should explain the title of this weeks message. This last transfer an Elder and I were put together and told to cover two area, Chester and Newport so for the whole 6 weeks we called ourselves Chewport and had a blast. Sadly (and greatfully) we both got new companions this tranfer so we returned to our own areas and each only work one area again. I’m still struggling to get over the death of Chewport. Haha

I love you all and I just want to throw in something I got reminded of this week, which is that if you dont do the little things (prayer, read your scriptures, etc) then you cant expect your Heavenly Father to be quick to do the same for you. He’ll never abandon you, but it’s like a big speaker, he’s always trying to talk to us but we have control over the volume. It doesnt matter how big a speaker is if you turn the volume all of the way down!

Until Next Week!
Elder Klingler

Pictures include a picture of my companion and I looking perplexed and a picture of our Christmas decorations courtesy of our parents!