My Feet Hurt

This week was full of craziness but also really fun. We got to go to zone Conference on Friday which was really cool to hear all of the stuff our leadership had to say about some of the changed going forward. Our mission has always been a bit of a “test mission” for different programs that the church wants to test out for missionary work. For example, with the new changes recently we are one of many missions that have the opportunity to use Tablets, but while most of those missions just got it, our mission has had them for 4 years now. Along with that, while more and more missionaries are being given the opportunity to use Facebook for missionary purposes, our mission had had Facebook for well over 2 years. As of last month we are currently one of 20 missions that are now using Smartphones instead of the good old flip phones. Something that we’ve known about for a while now, is that at the New Year our mission will become one of 12 missions to test out 3 new advances in technology, but as to what they are, we are still in the dark.

On Sunday we got to go to Church and right after church we got to help out with the Baptism of a boy in our church, and his whole entire family came out for it. Mind you, he is Polynesian, so that was a lot of people. Right after the baptism they held a big Luao in his honor and there was SO MUCH FOOD. They kept on telling us to go get more, and I didnt want to offend anyone, so I just kept eating. I have never eaten so much food at one meal in my life. I like to think I was just getting ready for Thanksgiving HAHA.

The reason for the title though, is because even though I am pretty much always in a shirt and tie, I usually get to wear these really comfortable shoes most every day, but I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in my suit and my fancy shoes that I usually only wear on Sundays and now my feet are not happy haha.

I love all of you and hope you all have a great week!

Until next time,
Elder Klingler

A medly from the Luao we had on Sunday and a picture of an Ark that a man we’ve been teaching gave to me after our lesson on Tuesday (the guy makes model ships for fun)!