Aliens, Miracles, and Charity

This week was full of fun! On Halloween the church held a Trunk or Treat where kids trick or treat around the parking lot and everyone decorates their trunks to try and win the “Best Decorated Car” award. We may have spent more money than I wanted to, but our car was amazing. We teamed up with the other missionaries to try and make the scariest car. I layed down in the trunk and stuck my head through a sheet we had put up (so no one could see my body) and then put on this creepy alien mask, then I stuck my hands out from under the sheet (also with creepy alien gloves on) and cupped my hands to look like a bowl. The other missionaries kept putting candy in my hands and then I would just wait for people to fall into our trap haha. The only downside though was I had to hold that position of being propped up on my elbows for about an hour and a half, which made the drive home a little bit of a challenge because my arms and shoulders were really tight and sore haha. Needless to say we won best car. Check out the pictures attached!

I mentioned last week that my temporary companion and I are covering two areas which is NOT ideal. We really are just always busy and barely have time to eat dinner. All this work must be paying off though I guess because we have seen many miracles along the way as well!
This week we were able to reconnect with someone we started to teach about a month ago, but she was never home when we would go by (even when we were sure she was home) and we had given up. We decided randomly to stop by her house, AND SHE WAS HOME. She is super great and now we are teaching her again.
We spent over 5 hours helping out at this Children’s Attention Home this week because they are going to be examined some time this week. They had us plant over 30 flowers, and it looked really good after we were done (apparently I could have a future in landscaping, haha). While we were doing that though, we were joined by one of the boys that lives there. He had the day off of school and decided to spend that time helping us work in the dirt. We got to talking and we got to hear a lot about his past and a lot of the crazy trials he has had to face in his life, which really made me reflect on all of the blessings I have been able to take advantage of in my life. It was a truly humbling experience.
CHALLENGE TIME: This week I’ve really been studying about Charity and it has become my new favorite topic. We all know Charity is a really important thing for us all to have, but what if I told you that we are all expected to show charity at all times. The big commandments are to Love God and to Love Your Neighbor. The way I see it is we have many different levels of love that we are able to show. The lowest I would say is Tolerance, which is definitely a form of love, you love someone enough to hold back. Somewhere around the middle of the scale you have Brotherly Kindness, which I think is something that we all are capable of showing to everyone. But the very greatest level of love we can show to anyone would be the Pure Love of Christ, which the scriptures tell us “Charity is the pure love of Christ”. If we REALLY want to show love toward our neighbors, as the commandments say, then we really need to show charity toward them. SO I challenge every one of you to think of some way you can show charity toward another person TODAY; and then do the same for the whole week. I promise that your love for that person will only grow stronger as you strive to show them charity.
Until Next Week,
Elder Klingler
P.S. Sorry for the super long email!
1. Our amazing trunk
2. We found sesame street!
3. Another rediculous car