We Now Cover Two Areas?!

Hey everybody!

So transfers happened on Tuesday last week and I got a new companion! We had a blast working down in Chester together and it turns out he went to a high school not 5 minutes from where I went to school out in Irvine California! Two Californian companions in row! We really did have a lot of fun looking at all of the mutual friends we had, despite never actually meeting each other before the mission. HOWEVER, on Saturday, we got a call from President saying that my new companion was needed elsewhere and needed to pack his bags. President came down and picked him up along with another nearby Elder and left with them both without giving me or the Elder (Elder Hinrichs) new companions. President just said to us, “well you two are going to have to figure it out for now”. So now my new companion Elder Hinrichs and I are living in his apartment in the Newport area and are still trying to figure out how we are going to split up the work since we now have to cover his area in Newport and my area way down in Chester which is about half an hour away. It’s going to be rough, but I think we can do it. Hopefully though, this shouldn’t be for the whole next 6 weeks, I am praying that we get new companions soon so we can re-focus on our areas again.
In not really sure what to say because that was pretty much the highlight of the week as far as events go. I mean, we helped Brother B take an upright piano to the dump, which wasn’t awesome because we had to lift it up into his trailer. We later found out that the piano weighed in at about 680 lbs haha. I guess the pictures will have to tell the rest!
Oh wait, I forgot the weekly challenge for y’all. Get ready because it’s going to be hard. We had a few talks at church yesterday and they were all focussed on service, and I realized that people really don’t do service very often. So I challenge all of you to find a way each day this week that you can do service for someone. There are lots of ways to do service, and it doesn’t matter how small or how big the act is, just do it.
Until next time,
Elder Klingler
1. When my companion and I won the Cleanest Car Award and got a new car (look closely)
2. My companion and I with Brother B, the greatest member of all time
3. Me and my new companion (Elder Olson)
4. Me and my new new temporary companion (Elder Hinrichs)