Booths, Transfers, and Chicken Liver

Hey everyone!

This week has been pretty fun. On Tuesday we went and set up a booth on Winthrop University campus to go try and talk with people; but after an hour of not seeing a single soul we discovered that they were on Fall Break… So we tried the booth again on Thursday with much more success! We do think that the booth materials REALLY need to be updated
This up coming week is transfers, so people are about to be shuffled around all over the mission. They keep delaying the release of the details as to is moving and where to, but so far we know that my companion is leaving me to go be a zone leader which is pretty cool. It’s a little scary though, because those of you who don’t know, my companion and I got sent down here to open up a new area (we were the first missionaries in Chester in over 5 years) so we have had to start from scratch and he has had a huge part in getting a lot of the stuff here going and now I have to keep it going myself while getting the new Elder up to speed on things, which is a little daunting.
We have this member here who it that absolute greatest guy you will ever meet. He made breakfast on Saturday morning for us and the Sister missionaries which was great. He (along with half of the ward) has gotten pretty attached to one of the Sisters and everyone was betting that she will be transfered to a new area. This is the same girl that is allergic to Gluten, Dairy, Pork, and Chocolate (we call it GCPD) and this member has the greatest sense of humor. After breakfast on Saturday he pulled out a “going away present” for the Sister, which ended up being boiled chicken liver. She stuck to her word that she would try anything and took a piece. Needless to say she didnt like it.
Miracle Minute:
We were trying to print in the library for forever but it wouldnt work, so we finally went to the Clerk’s office to see if we could use their printer. As soon as we walked in the phone rang and the clerk picks it up, then hands it to my companion. It was a young lady who goes to school at Winthrop who wanted to meet with the missionaries! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT WE WALKED INTO THAT ROOM RIGHT AS THAT PHONE RANG? We are super excited to meet with her later this week!
Okay, challenge time. This week my companion and I have been challenging everyone to look for opportunities to share the gospel. Usually it goes “well I cant share anything religious at work, so 12 hours a day 5 days a week I cant share anything, and Saturday I spent with my family who already go to my church, and sunday I only talk to people who are already members of the church, so other than those times I should be free to share the gospel!” That, believe it or not, is how the vast majority of people view their ability to share, but I am going to tell you that there are so many untapped opportunities everyday that we can use. For example, when someone asks us what we did over the weekend we always tell what we did on Saturday but usually just glance over Sunday! So my challenge (finally) is for each of you, the next time someone asks how your weekend was, to share something along the lines of “Well Saturday I went out and ______, and on Sunday I went to church where we had a great lesson on ______ and spent the day with my family.” It isnt that hard, and you dont have to worry about offending anyone because they asked YOU about YOUR weekend. Plus it leaves open opportunities for them to ask you more questions that will allow you to share even more. Good Luck! I cant wait to hear about your experiences!
Until next week,
Elder Klingler
1. Our booth with the Rock Hill Sisters and the Newport Elders (my companion took the photo)
2. My companion and I and a huge mural of Chester County
3. A huge festival in Chester that we had no idea was happening until we got there.