Meetings, Batisms, and Pepperspray

This week was full of all kinds of excitement! Sorry if this post ends up being a little bit longer than usual.

On Wednesday we got to take one of my most favorite members out with us to go visit some less-active people down in Chester and it was really good! We were able to contact a lot of people that seemed to have pretty much been forgetten. And Brother B is so full of just the wildest stories. It made for a good day.
On Thursday I got to switch companions for the day and go over to York with Elder Sims and that was really fun too! We got to have dinner with the greatest family and the dad even showed off his gun collection after dinner which was awesome!
On Friday we had to get up at 4:30 AM so we had time to get ready and go pick up another companionship of Elders and then drive over 2 hours north to a big Zone Conference that we had to be at by 8 and we had to stop for breakfast on the way. It was all worth it though because Zone Conference was amazing! I learned so much, and we got to hear some really cool insights into the future of missionary work. Oh, and every companionship handed in their flip phones and traded it for a Samsung J3! It's not much, but it is a HUGE upgrade!
On Saturday we had a missionary meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and the Rock Hill Sisters in which the Sisters shared an experience they had earlier this week; it's not my story to tell but lets just say that after the meeting my companion and I went to Walmart and bought them Keychain Pepperspray. We also found time to go to Chester and work some more fixing up the Woman's Shelter they are trying to open down there, it's come a long way and should hopefully open by Christmas. OH and a lady that we've been working with for a long time named Debbie got baptised! It was a very sweet moment to get to see her be baptised by her husband and to see them make that step together. We are so happy for her!
On Sunday we had a fantastic discussion about Charity, which is by far my favorite topic to talk about! I was each and every one of you to please just look for a opportunity, atleast once per day, that you can show charity toward someone else this week. 
So much has happened in so little time! I hope that all of you are have a grand week and look for ways that you can show Charity!
Until next week,
Elder Klingler
1. Me getting in the car at 5 AM Friday morning
2. Keychain Pepperspray (I wasnt kidding)
3. Debbie and her Husband just before the baptism (check out the matching ties)