This week has been fun with everyone preparing for the hurricane. We are all set, but so far we seem like we’re in a pretty good spot. Power is expected to go out at some point so we’re ready to go without for a few days.

Regardless, we finally held our first meeting in Chester after spending the first 5 weeks teaching down there. It was pretty nice but attendance was super small despite all of the invitations we handed out to everyone. It can only grow from here!

We had a meeting about an hour north of where we live, so we had a member drop us off. At the meeting we found out some exciting stuff which will cause some big changes in our mission beginning January 1st and we will be having a lot of trainings to get us ready for that. I cant share any other details mainly because I dont have any, but we know that it’s technology based and we are one of 12 missions that were chosen to participate in this trial. Pretty Exciting! On the drive home we had one member who has a huge van drive our entire district of 9 missionaries home, so that was a ton of fun!

Our mission president gives every missionary a challenge to memorize 2 scripture references for each of the 42 principles so a total of 84 references and if you do it then you have earned the mission coin, which is a really nice looking exclusive keep-sake that he personally awards you. Some missionaries take their whole mission to do it. Luckily my zone is having a challenge for which district can memorize all of them first wins milkshakes so I was able to get the Coin in my first transfer!

We also spent 4 hours fixing up an old boarding house so that these nice people can turn it into a shelter for battered and abused women. It was a lot of fun work, but also really fulfilling to know I could help. We plan to go back next week to do some more work for them. Service is the best!

I hope everyone is having a good week, despite the craziness that is taking place around the country right now.

Until next week!
-Elder Klingler

Enjoy the out-of-order picture!